Latest HotaruCMS Version download

Latest HotaruCMS Version download

The most common use for Hotaru is social bookmarking

With flexible plugins and themes, you can make any site you like

Hotaru CMS is open source using PHP and MySql

Autoreader 1.3


This plugin automates reading of rss feeds to populate post table for submissions to hotaru.

1. Upload the “autoreader” folder to your plugins folder.
2. Install it from Plugin Management in Admin under ‘RSS Autoreader’.
3. Add a campaign and insert details of feed, category, author, schedule for auto reading etc
4. You can also manually fetch campaign feeds by clicking the link on “List Campaign” page that says “Fetch”

This plugin will not work with any version of IE
Please leave questions, feedback, future ideas for plugin in forums.

This plugin is a port of the WP-O-Matic plugin by Guillermo Rauch, with a couple of modifications

Revision History
v.1.2 2013/06/06 – Nick – fix db error on install
v.1.1 2013/04/28 – shibuya246 – update for PHP deprecated functions and static calls
v.1.0.1 2011/04/21 – mabujo – another fix for ampersand bug and slight makeTitleFriendly method improvement.
v.1.0 2011/04/20 – mabujo – added new makeTitleFriendly method to contain all the title utf-8 encoding fixes.
Fixed problem with ampersand/&/& character, and a fix for a latin extended set character found in certain yahoo feeds.
v.0.9 2011/04/19 – mabujo – Revert Nick’s 1.5 dependency changes, fixes title encoding problems
(+ apostrophes cutting off the field when editing e.t.c.), fixes not being able to assign posts to certain users,
fixes where db prefix was ignored in adminUpdateCampaignPosts.

v.0.8 2010/12/20 – Nick – Removed dependency on core category functions
v.0.7 2010/08/20 – Nick – Fix for unnecessary url assignment
v.0.6 2010/08/14 – Nick – Creates unique urls for posts with duplicate titles
v.0.5 2010/06/02 – Nick – Removed new truncate function as it created more problems than it solved
v.0.4 2010/06/02 – shibuya246 – Added new truncate function
v.0.3 2010/05/14 – shibuya246 – Able to set truncation limit for each campaign, select ‘All’ category. Also have reorganized the code blocks to suit Hotaru more.
v.0.2 2010/04/05 – shibuya246 – Allows selection of “Top” for posts submitted, modified db table
v.0.1 2010/03/22 – shibuya246 – Released first version

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